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Reino Animal is a sustainable park where an agricultural production program has been developed to feed our more than 1400 species, harvesting 3 tons of food daily. Reino Animal in the value of a united family, for that reason it generates activities in which all the members of the family can participate.

Reino Animal Theme Park, is a company dedicated to entertain, to provide excellent quality service, created to promote the conservation of nature and the Mexican countryside, a different concept where the interaction with nature will make you live unique experiences with wildlife



You will be able to contemplate closely beautiful animals that live in different parts of the world.

The Safari of Reino Animal is very special, since along the way in our specially conditioned trucks, stops are made so that you can interact with more than 800 species of different animals like: deers, blue ñu, dromedaries, giraffes, aquatic buffaloes, bisons, zebras, antelopes, ostriches and more. During the ride you can: feed them, take pictures with them, caress them and if you are lucky you can even see them being born. Today we have about 1,400 animals of different species.

The safari of Reino Animal is constantly concerned about programmed reproduction of the animals and in this way guarantee the preservation of the species.



The striking and famous black-and-orange-striped felines will put your senses to the limit while you watch them eat a few inches from you. You will be the guest of honor in this adventure.

Experience the unparalleled experience of hearing the roar of lions and tigers on our Carnivorous Safari, two of the largest and strongest hunters on the planet.

In order to enjoy this great feline experience, we have conditioned a truck that will give you the necessary security so that you see their jaws and tusks face to face, without risk. Taking a picture near one of these felines devouring a bite is a priceless experience.



Enter a fun world of colors and sounds, in the aviary “La Esperanza”. Open your senses and enjoy the diversity of birds that you will find.

Everything starts with a video that´ll teach you the importance of these enigmatic birds; as we go into the aviary we can enjoy ever closer. Look through a hallway full with different Mexican birds, from small Yucatecan parrots and Serranos to pheasants and chachalacas.

In the lake area, you´ll cross the bridge of cranes and if you want to see intense tones, follow the route and you will find the majestic flamingoes from the Caribbean.

Later you will enter the section of the aviary where you will be able to find more than 40 different species of birds flying freely. And finally, come to the exciting area of ​​contact with the Agapornis or Birds of Love, that will fly around you.



This reptilary is one of the most important reptile adventures in Mexico, here you can enter in a long journey full of adventure where you will visit different sections in more than 4,000 square meters.

You will start with a museographic section in a real freight train where the movement you do yourself, you will enter an audiovisual tunnel that will show you the wonderful world of crocodiles, turtles and snakes. You will meet a very original serpentarium that will teach you some magnificent species and their stories, you will enter a jungle full of iguanas where the heat, humidity and sometimes rain will make you feel in another dimension.




Did you know that in Mexico there are only 100 pairs of real eagles left?

That is why we decided to create a Conservation Center for the rescue of the royal eagle, we call it Wild Shelter, which we recently inaugurated.

In this place you can experience a unique educational adventure about our Mexican symbol and 12 other species of Mexican wildfowl; in a tour of 11 sections where you will know both the biological aspects and the technical efforts of biologists, veterinarians and institutions to achieve preservation of this species.


Do you know how many gallons of milk you will consume throughout your life?

Discover it and accompany us to meet one of the most noble and necessary animals on the planet for our subsistence: the dairy cow.

In Reino Animal we have a dairy production shed, where we can experience different activities such as feeding the calves, milking a cow directly and feeding an adult cow.

Our farm staff will be able to tell you about the whole process, from the production of the food, to the milking and caring techniques of the cows for having good quality milk.

Do not forget to visit and interact with our Holstein cows, which has determined as the largest producer of milk in the world.


Which animal do we owe the most historically as a civilization?

Join us to visit the place where you will meet different breeds of birds, sheep, goats, cows and horses. You can feed them and know much about their stories as species and the role of each.

Through the years we learned to tame a large number of animals to meet our needs as a human species. These animals gave origin to different especies that nowadays live in the field and on which we depend directly.

Come to meet them, and feed them with the fodder we produce in the park in an organic way.



Theater of the Tree

Wild adventure, is a show that is presented in the facilities of the Tree Theater, a place for the enjoyment of nature where children and adults learn about animals, their care and curiosities.

Some of the habitants of this place suffered stories of mistreatment of their former owners, reason why in this place they become animal ambassadors to learn and to preserve the nature.

Birds Raptors

“The Warriors of the Wind” is an impressive spectacle of birds of prey, marvel at the different species of birds of prey managed with the falconry technique used as a sport of kings in medieval times.

En este espectáculo deberás estar muy atento para no perder detalle alguno de los dinámicos vuelos de impactIn this show you must be very careful not to miss any details of the dynamic impact flights.

Dog Show

If you like dogs you will enjoy this show. Running, training and playing will help you learn in a very fun way about the different activities that a man´s best friend can do. All this achieved by giving them time, love and affection.


In Reino Animal you will see the horses at their maximum expression in the riding arena, their riders will expose to you the different races and their working characteristics.

You´ll learn about races, colors and main functions of every one of this especies of pure blood.



We have different services such as parking lots, restrooms, lockers, wheelchairs (subject to availability), paramedic service, children’s games, etc. All this to make your stay more pleasant and safe.


Enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant “La Casa de los Pavorreales” and our fast food areas “Mamá Gallina”, “Papa Gallo” and “Pajarera”, where you can eat buffet, Mexican antojitos, burgers and much more.

We also have different little stores with drinks and snacks distributed throughout the park to enjoy candies, popcorns, juices, soft drinks and why not, even a cold beer.


Don´t forget to take home a nice souvenir from any of our 4 stores in Aviary, Reptilary, Royal Eagle and our access where you can find something of your preference, like hats, key chains, mugs, cylinders, caps and much more.


Take all the photos you want in the different interactive attractions of Reino Animal, and we also have different areas of the park where you can take pictures with many species of animals such as horses, dogs, macaws and reptiles etc.

Don´t forget to visit our photo printing stands to bring you a very special and personalized Reino Animal souvenir.


Camino a Belén Sta. Ma. Col. Oxtotipac C.P. 55908 Del. Otumba


55 2623 – 2306

01 595 – 952 – 1111


General access: $210.00 MXN


BOX OFFICE: 9:45 a 16:30 Hrs
PARK: 10:00 a 18:30 Hrs

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